But Who Is Going To Pave Muh Roads? Domino’s Pizza Will!

What about Muh Roads? Well now Domino’s Pizza has an answer to that question. According to Kate Trumball, VP of advertising, this project was months in planning and came from another ad idea where they insure pizza from any kind of damage.

This idea came from when you hit a pothole and you have a pizza in your front seat. It’s kind of a dramatic moment and dials up the fear factor that something would happen to your delicious pizza. It came down to how we’re so passionate about pizza – and every single piece of the experience.

Kate Trumball

If you seen their commercial, they aren’t kidding either.

A big straight dump truck, paver and the employees there spreading the asphalt. All painted with their logos to boot. This is not a small project either. All 50 states responded to their offer.

According to Yahoo Finance the nominating process will continue till August 31st.

The 12-week nomination process ends on August 31, and Trumbull indicated that it was going to be challenging to pick a winner.



For more info about the program, visit: PavingForPizza.com