Does Seth Rich’s Brother Want Justice Or Not? He Continues To Help The DNC


UPDATEAccording to Dissent Doe (who runs the essential, the ridiculous subpoena has apparently been withdrawn by Aaron Rich’s lawyers.

The brother of murdered DNC employee Seth Rich is suing some right-wing writers and their publishing platforms for defamation. Aaron Rich raises some rather decent libel claims, pointing out he’s been subjected to numerous articles, tweets, podcasts, and livestreams pushing the theory he’s either responsible for his brother’s death or profited from it in some way. The lawsuit[PDF] names America First Media, the Washington Times, and writers Edward Butowsky and Matt Couch as defendants.

The allegations are serious. Everything that’s been claimed by the defendants accuses Aaron Rich of multiple criminal acts. This is the list of allegedly defamatory claims made by those being sued.

Aaron worked with his brother, Seth, to steal and leak DNC documents to WikiLeaks, including by serving as the information technology expert that made the leak of documents to WikiLeaks possible;

Aaron received money into his own bank account from WikiLeaks for helping Seth provide those stolen documents;

Aaron knew in advance that his brother was going to be murdered for his role in leaking documents to WikiLeaks, but did nothing to stop it, and even warned Seth’s girlfriend in advance to break up with him to protect her own safety;

Aaron has covered up his involvement in his purported role in leaking documents to WikiLeaks; and

Aaron has obstructed justice by interfering with law enforcement efforts to bring his brother’s murderer to justice, including his purported refusal to provide law enforcement with access to investigative materials.

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