Danney Williams Posts ‘Take The Test Bill’ Then Puts Up Pictures Of Chelsea And Webster Hubbell’s Daughter

In an unsurprising twist, Danney Williams called on former United States President, Bill Clinton to take a paternity that would prove that he is his father.

These calls have been going on for years. His mother has told her son Danney that Bill is his father and is ignoring that fact. Since then, he has been on a crusade to prove it. In a tweet on June 17th, shared by Danney, it says “Come on Bill, it’s time to take the test”.

So, what’s the twist? Danney has been showing up at events and making these charges for years. This time, he tweeted pictures of Chelsea Clinton alongside Webster Hubbell’s other daughter, Caroline Hubbell. The similarities are strikingly similar. They almost look the same.

Mr. Williams has been posting pictures of himself and the 43rd President of The United States for years, but this is the first time we are seeing him making the claim that Chelsea was born out of wedlock too.  I guess the question will always remain. Who’s your daddy?

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