Democrat Congressman Turns Against His Own Party- Says Child Separation Is a “Small Amount”

Representative Henry Cuellar has come out against the Democrats rhetoric that it was the Trump Administration that is ripping families apart at the border. In an interview with Fox News, Representative Cuellar points out that he sees what the border patrol does and is a regular visitor to the border. In his reporting  from the Rio Grande

All right. I’m still here down here at the border and I spend a lot of time with the Border Patrol folks today. When somebody comes then, keep in mind that from October 1st of 2017 to now, 14,500 kids unaccompanied with no parents have come into the Lower Rio Grande.

14,500, so there is no separation involved because they came in by themselves. Either the family units that came in, in the last five weeks. For example, about 1,100 of them have been separated. 700 of them are– plus, are now with the HHS. And then, another 436 of them were temporarily separated but they’re back with the families because they were taken over to be charged or we call Section 1325, which is coming into the United States without documentations. So we’re talking about a small amount.


This is a Representative that visits the border regularly and is saying that a great number of children come to the border “unaccompanied” by their parents and there is no separation involved. Referring to the separation, he claims it is a small amount. When asked what he wants from this? He candidly points out that the law “Section 1325” has been enforced by many Presidents before Donald Trump.

Wait, you know, keep in mind this law, Section 1325, you come in the first time without documentation. That means that it’s a misdemeanor, the second time, third time, it becomes a felony. So, right now, they’re charging this is about a 1950 law that Ronald Reagan, Nixon, Bush, Obama, Clinton, never carried this out. They carried it under a civil process.


Civil process. So, President Trump is saying, we’re going to make it a criminal aspect. And if it’s a criminal aspect, that talk to the category about (INAUDIBLE) a child.

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