Did The Democrats Simply Shoot Themselves In The Foot And Lose Swing Voters With Progressives On Ballot?

On Tuesday, the upstairs-downstairs politics of the Democrats convulsed. New York Democrats elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and sent Joe Crowley, the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House, to his early retirement. The demographic fault lines of the Democratic Party are once again on display. This time, their donor class worries as intersectionality, in all of its aggrieved glory, occupies the national stage.

Let us be clear that Ocasio-Cortez is an unvarnished leftist. Think of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, just younger and ungrizzled, and she does not bother to hide it. Socialism is her badge of honor. When Ocasio-Cortez claims that Hamas is simply a Palestinian analog to the Ferguson protests, take her conviction and sincerity as givens. You can also place a good bet that come 2020, Ocasio-Cortez will be the keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention.

The pupil is about to become the teacher, and that should could as no great surprise. Although the Democrats’ congressional leadership is predominately old and white, their core voters are anything but. In 2016, nearly 45 percent of votes cast for Hillary Clinton came from America’s minorities.

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