Kino Jimenez Has A Violent Past According To Videos Uploaded To Youtube (VIDEO)

First the disturbing video of Kino Jimenez throwing a drink a teenager’s face , now a video found showing violence towards Trump. It was uploaded to Youtube channel under his own name. It shows a crowd of people beating a pinata with a stick. That pinata is in the shape and likeness of Trump. You can hear people yelling “F**k Trump”.

It’s a pinata. People are suppose to hit it to get the candy. Well, it’s not the fact that they are getting goodies from the remnants.  It’s what is said other than what we mentioned.

You can hear the what we believe the cameraman say “Whoop his ass!”, “Finish him!” “All we need is a real Trump”, “Trump is dead! Trump is dead!” After the head was dismantled from the body, Jimenez (who we believe is the cameraman) grabs it and is seen rubbing it on his lower extremities.

This video was uploaded on Youtube on January 17, 2016. The film is from a anti-Trump rally in San Antonio, TX according to Along with this video there were other anti-Trump and another of his mother shooting a gun at a range.



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