Glenn Greenwald labeled ‘Kremlin agent’ for visiting Russia (VIDEO)


Greenwald is now being blasted by the liberal establishment in the US for being an agent of Trump and Russia – because he went to Russia and doesn’t buy Hillary Clinton’s claim that the Russians successfully interfered in the 2016 US presidential election.

In his recent appearance at a panel on “fake news” in Moscow, Greenwald described the notion that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election came about as a desperate way for media elites to explain why their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, did not win.

Greenwald said:

“The American political system needed an explanation about why something like that could happen, and why they got it so wrong. One of the explanations about why it happened was the favorite tactic of governments, which was to say, it wasn’t anything wrong with our country, it was this other foreign country over there that was to blame. And that’s a major reason why fingers continue to be pointed at the Russian government.”

Greenwald was very clear about his belief that the whole theory of Russian involvement was a post-election exercise in blame-shifting: “Excuses were needed, villains were required, people needed to point fingers at someone other than themselves for this very shocking event, and that’s why there became this obsession with the Russian government.”

Democrats needed an excuse, he argues, so rather than admit “Crooked Hillary” was a terrible candidate, they concocted the notion that Russia helped Trump win. This also happens to be President Trump’s theory and now Glenn Greenwald is agent of Trump, and by the Democrats logic, an agent of Vladimir Putin.

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