Globalists Are Telling Us Exactly What Disasters They’re Planning For The Economy

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originally published at Birch Gold Group

Years ago when analysts used the term “globalist, there was an immediate recognition among liberty advocates as to who they were referring to. This was back when the movement for small government, the non-aggression principle and true free markets was small but growing. These days, it’s difficult to gauge how many liberty groups there are or even if they know what small government and the non-aggression principle represent, let alone what makes a “globalist” a globalist.

There are a lot of new and very green members to the push for freedom, and a lot of them seem to think “MAGA” is the pinnacle of the movement’s philosophy. But MAGA doesn’t represent much of anything tangible. Making America great again is not a plan, it’s just a goal. Or even less, just a catch phrase. Without concrete plans, the notion of achieving a goal is laughable.

Make no mistake, the globalists have concrete plans, some of them simple, some of them rather elaborate.

But who are the “globalists”? There’s really no secret to it: ANY person or institution that promotes the philosophy of global centralization of economic or political power into the hands of a select few is probably globalist.

There is no specific nationality, ethnic group or religious group that makes up the globalist hierarchy. They come from every part of the world and from every conceivable background. They have their private clubs like the Bilderberg Group and the Bohemian Club. They also have their own institutional frameworks, like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Tavistock Institute, the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements, etc. But, these are all distractions and misdirections.

At the core of their organization is the desire for total power, built upon full blown narcissism and sociopathy leading to naive notions that godhood, for them, is attainable.

Now, one might assume these globalists would never restrain themselves with such a thing as “rules of etiquette”; that chaos is their sole strategy. However, this is not entirely accurate. From my observations, it appears that they do follow some rules. One of those rules seems to be this: For whatever reason, they willingly and openly volunteer their plans or reveal future outcomes to the public for consumption before they implement those plans or trigger those outcomes.

The rationale behind this could be any number of things. Perhaps it is a method of gloating. Or, being high level narcissists, they would psychologically be in the habit of hinting at the crimes they plan to commit and then view our lack of reaction as “permission” to go forward. My theory – it is a combination of both, as well as the idea that revealing a plan and then enacting a plan without resistance gives that plan even more power than if it had been kept strictly hidden.

What the globalists want, ultimately, is public acceptance and submission to their authority. They don’t want to have to operate from behind the curtain. They are narcissists. They don’t like hiding.

What are some examples of this behavior?

In 2007, the Bank for International Settlements issued a public “warning” that loose monetary policy by central banks had created a dangerous credit bubble that would result in a global Great Depression. Of course, being the “central bank of central banks” and the moderator of all central bank policy, the BIS itself was well positioned to create such a crisis. Only months later the crash occurred, and we are still suffering the consequences.

In January of 2017, globalist George Soros “predicted” that Donald Trump would use his presidency to launch a trade war with China, and that this trade war would drive Europe and China closer together as political and economic allies while US influence wanes. This year, the US has indeed entered into a trade war with China as tariffs escalate and greater threats to Chinese investment in American markets percolate. And, China and major EU governments like Germany are indeed establishing much closer ties than ever before.

Whether or not US influence “wanes” remains to be seen.  Considering the number of banking elites roaming the halls of the White House, I think it is obviously possible that they could make Soros’ predictions a reality with or without Trump’s cooperation. The globalists sabotage from within, causing the exact disasters they publicly predict, then escape as the blame is laid in the laps of predetermined scapegoats like “populists”.

And this habit of openly acknowledging their own impending crimes continues today. In the past year alone, the IMF, BIS, WTO, as well as numerous individual globalists have given warning as to what is about to happen economically and geopolitically in the near future.

The IMF is warning that trade tensions threaten to undermine economic confidence and global growth as the globalists that infest that institution play on the false narrative that the world has been in “economic recovery”. The truth is that we never recovered from the 2008 crash, and that all semblance of recovery was fabricated by central bank stimulus measures — the same measures that central banks around the world are now shutting down.

At the end of 2017, the BIS warned that economies were “overheating”, and that this trend was dangerously similar to the conditions of 2008 just before the credit crash. Suddenly, the term “stagflation”, a threat alternative analysts like myself were warning about for years, is being discussed broadly in the mainstream media. Not only that, but central bankers are using the threat of inflationary pressures as an excuse to continue raising interest rates and cutting their balance sheets – actions which they know full well will cause the next stock market crash.

Jerome Powell, the new head of the Federal Reserve, clearly warned of this danger back in 2012 as exposed in recently released Fed meeting transcripts. And yet, he is taking these actions anyway. If this doesn’t prove the duplicitous nature of the Fed as a predictor of the very crises it then creates, I don’t know what does.

Is it not convenient for the globalists that their predictions of crisis fail to mention that the central banks which they control are facilitating the very conditions by which a crash can occur? You see, globalists are perfectly happy to tell you in advance what is about to happen, but they are never going to tell you truth about WHY it happened.

It is likely that on top of the reasons already discussed, these elitists happily admit to their schemes because they think there is nothing anyone can do about them anyway. While preventing an economic disaster is impossible at this stage, it is not true that nothing can be done about the outcome.

As always, the primary solution is to not be dependent on the system, and if globalists try to make you dependent, then you should be prepared to get rid of them. Decentralized economies based on localism first are the answer. If globalists want to deny us the means of production, then we should learn how to produce and manufacture necessary goods ourselves. If globalists want us to depend on their international supply chains for resources, then we should develop our own supply chains and our own resource base at the local level.

In terms of financial protection, the answer is also clear – central banks in nations like China and Russia are stockpiling precious metals at an unprecedented rate. Here again, globalist institutions controlled by the BIS are telling us exactly what is about to happen. With the US slated to enter a steep decline, and stagflationary dangers looming, major players are moving into gold and to some extent silver. It only makes sense that the common man, while he is still able, place a percentage of his savings into these commodities as well.

With tangible commodities in hand, backed by the stability of localized trade, any community could weather the storm of a fiscal downturn. Without these things, survival is far less certain. The very despots that have the ability to cause a collapse are telling us a collapse is about to happen. It is time to take the matter seriously, and prepare accordingly.

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