Seth Rich Witness Comes Forward Tells All In Phone Interview

In what was a much anticipated event for people keeping up with the Seth Rich story, it turned out to be a witness who heard 2 of the 3 supposed killers bragging about the murder. 

In the phone in interview (witness using the name Luke), many questions were asked. This witness didn’t reveal any names and made it clear he felt his safety was at risk. He said the killers worked for Rod Rosenstein, the now United States Attorney General and former Attorney for the District of Maryland.

Not naming names, he said that one worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency and the other for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The third person involved he never knew nor spoke to. He lamented that they grew increasingly frustrated at the time and how they had to wait for the victim to come home from being out late.

The sole reason for the killing was a thumb drive that Seth was in possession of. After being shot, the device was taken from his person.

“Luke” told the dozen or so reporters that the two people he was in close contact with would brag about the murders and even explain how Rich died. They also would tell the witness that they followed Seth Rich for several weeks.



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