Thieves Steal $30K Of Apple Products In Daring Flash Robbery

A quick-witted group of thieves made off with nearly $30,000 in brand new Apple products during a rapid-fire robbery at an Apple Store in Fresno, Calif. over the weekend. The stunning surveillance footage shows the group of four hoodie-wearing young men run around the store, ripping the products from their tethers, before evading a group of bystanders and making a swift exit. According to witnesses, the group didn’t display any weapons.

All told, the thieves, who were in the store for a few seconds, took 26 items worth some $27,000. Now, police are looking for five young black men between the ages of 16 and 18 (police believe the crew had a getaway driver).

According to ABC 7, police are also trying to figure out if the robbery is linked to a similar incident at an Apple Store in downtown San Luis Obispo last month.

“There are other reports, of other places, other cities in California that have had these kinds of takeover thefts,” said Lt. Hudson. “So we are looking into (this crime) being connected to other crimes, at any other Apple Stores outside of Fresno.”

As the surveillance shows, after grabbing up armfuls of gadgets, the thieves scurried past a group of frightened teenage girls and made sprinted away.

“One customer stood by the door to prevent them from leaving but was knocked out of the way,” said Lt. Hudson. “Right now we are looking for four, or five, we believe there was a getaway driver, black males anywhere from 16 to 18 years old.”

Lt. Mark Hudson of the Fresno PD told ABC that the thieves took “various iPhones, the iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and 8, and even the new iPhone X was taken in this grand theft.”

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