What Happens To Cryptocurrency When The Old Money Dies? [VIDEO]

The Fed-fueled economic boom is coming to an end, maybe sooner than you think. There’s something about fall 2018… it’s a gut feeling we at TDV have—the same type that’s helped us navigate countless monetary cycles over the years.

If you’ve followed our work, you may know I predicted nearly a decade ago that the dollar could collapse by the end of this decade.

In 2015, after writing about the Shemitah and predicting market chaos in fall of that year, we indeed saw economic volatility as the Dow dropped by a thousand points in just one day in August.

But what about the dollar collapse—the system-wide implosion of currency that could mark the end of an era, and the start of a new age?

The fact is, it’s inevitable.

But recently, my gut is starting to send out strong signals again, and between my intuition and the number-crunching expert analysis provided by fellow Dollar Vigilante, Ed Bugos, there’s definitely something on the horizon for this year.

“GDP is growing…the stock market is doing great, but you have to remember,” says Bugos in our interview, “these numbers are all effects of the illusion. These are illusory and they’re temporary.”

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Ed and I went on to discuss the true meaning of these economic signals under Trump, as well as rising yields, incentivized wealth consumption, a shrinking liquidity pool, and so much more.

Wondering what will happen to the crypto market during the collapse?

You Can Watch The Full Interview Here:



There’s certainly something in the air and fall 2018 is feeling particularly ominous.

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