We are all now subject to news the way Youtube sees it. The mainstream media is now labeled news in their eyes. The same MSM that is pressing forward with this Russia collusion narrative that has gone no where and has no evidence what-so-ever. 

Even CNN’s own journalist, Van Jones called it “one big nothing burger” in a hidden video that James O’Keefe published. Him among others. Remember, “Because it’s ratings”, “I am not alone”?

Now YouTube channels have been sent a letter telling them that a whole new initiative has been launched. It’s called GNI (Global News Initiative). This initiative will help news networks thrive.

In March, the Google News Initiative (GNI) kicked off with the goal of helping journalism thrive in the digital age. Today, we’re announcing steps we’re taking with the GNI to support the future of news in online video, and product features we’ve been working on to improve the news experience on YouTube.


Dan Dicks says the time for ThemTube is now. In his video he says he believes that the days of alternative media is over.

The days of “YouTube” are over and the time of “ThemTube” is upon us.

On Monday July 9th on the official YouTube Blog the company announced their plan to promote and fund “authoritative” news. The mainstream media outlets are not getting the views they used to on cable television but what they do have access to is analytics and ratings and they can see that the majority of news consumers are flooding to YouTube because they no longer trust the mainstream outlets and rightly so!


So it appears that we will now see what we see on TV, journalists that only tell their narrative in their producer’s eyes (of course). Many journalists have railed against the mainstream to tell the public that the news is scripted and intimidation is always used to force them to write stories that pale in comparison to the truth. 

Eva Bartlett broke the news that journalists in Syria are being manipulated to tell a different story of what is really happening.


Udo Ulfkotte even went so far as to say that journalists are being fed stories they never wrote and were paid off by the likes of the CIA.

Article :Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: “We All Lie For The CIA”

And of course there is Serena Shim who reported an extensive story about Turkey supporting ISIS in the Middle East. Her death was very mysterious. They took her to a hospital 3.5 hours away with what others called non-life threatening injuries. She ended up dying. The other occupant in the car accident was taken just minutes away to another hospital. That story was of course buried.

Article: https://wearechange.org/murder-never-heard-serena-shim/

And, if you don’t comply, you are simply labeled a spy.


So now we are forced fed news on Google and YouTube that is basically and essentially written by the CIA and not the journalists themselves. Great!




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