Petition To Remove Maxine Waters Might Hit It’s Goal And Trump Will Have To Answer To It

If you don’t know how these petitions work, simply follow the link and read what is required for the petition to be handed to the President of The United States. It takes 100,000 signatures and the online petition gets 30 days from the time it is created in order for the President to answer to it. This one has 12 more days to go. That’s only a little over 10% with 75% of the 30 days down. Do the math, that’s 25% of the days left. And, if you know how social media works, the longer it is out there, the faster it picks up steam. It’s like a steam engine train.

There was one created and it is very close to hitting the threshold of being an “official” petition. It reads “Expulsion For Maxine Waters – Remove Her From Congress”. Though Trump has no authority, nor can he possibly do such a thing, it would be interesting  to see what he has to say since he has called her out as being “dumb” in the past.

As of the time of this article being published, the petition has 13,113 more to go. It probably won’t get to the status of many of the other ones like “Divest or put in a blind trust all of the President’s business and financial assets” with 360,327 or “Repeal the NFA” with 289,984 but you can best believe if it hits it’s mark, it will be interesting what Donald Trump has to say about it.


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