They did it again. They put out another publication about Donald Trump colluding with the Russians.

cnn russia collusion donald trump
CNN publication headline says Trump asked to get Clinton emails.

Trump asked Russians to get Clinton emails. They immediately started trying.

In that same article, they say explicitly that he and his campaign tried to get the Russians to get Hillary’s emails in the headline. Then, a few paragraphs down, they mention the indictments don’t say that at all.

cnn trump russins collusion
Before they show the indictments, they make it clear that Trump is never mentioned colluding.

The indictment does not explicitly mention Trump asking for anything, but it does say this starting on page 7:

Which is it? He asked the Russians or didn’t he? This why people would much rather watch the Food Network than CNN. Their ratings continue to take a tumble and we all know why.

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