Randy Quaid Asks For Investigation For The Deaths Of Bourdain And Carradine | Mentions Weinstein Connection

Randy Quaid has been using his twitter account to post some very odd videos and pictures that mostly read Donald Trump’s tweets. Not that that is odd, but he puts a multi color flash to his face and is in a close up of only his face.

In a recent tweet, he appears to ask for the investigation in to Anthony Bourdain and David Carradine and suggests that Harvey Weinstein may have played a role. One killing is suggested to boost ratings for a movie Kill Bill. The other was to discredit a witness.

For quite a while now, he has been calling the mysterious deaths in Hollywood done by the “Star Whacker”. He even posts the actors’ claims made against Weinstein of killing them.

He goes to mention Hillary and asks about the collusion between the FBI and the Clinton Administration.





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