Fake Journalists in Syria Call on Israel for Help

Prensa Latina Reports:
Damascus, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) At least 75 alleged journalists who have backed Western disinformation campaigns on Syria with their misrepresented reports have called on Israel to allow them to enter its territory, local media reported today.

These so-called Social Communication agents, who have so far operated in areas controlled by terrorist groups in this Arab country, asked Tel Aviv to subsequently evacuate them to European countries, the Voltairenet news network reported.

According to the publication, those journalists, whose names were not released, tried to accredit allegations of crimes allegedly committed by Syrian authorities, such as the use of chemical weapons.

The sources denounced the fake communicators, who were deployed in Syria by the British Intelligence Service M16, and were financed by media organizations like Saudi Al-Arabiya Television, BBC and the Qatari station Al-Jazeera.

With an annual budget of three million euros, the communications agents also worked for other media such as France 24 and the British television station Sky, Voltairenet added.

The group of 75 alleged communicators is trying to leave Syrian territory on the pretext that the international media, for whom they worked with properly manipulated images and reports have left them to their fate.

Such a decision by this communicational machinery takes place when terrorist groups are facing upheaval due to the offensive by the Syrian Army in southern areas of Deraa and Quneitra, near the occupied Golan Heights and the borders with Jordan.

The Syrian government has repeatedly denounced to international organizations that entities working under the disguise of humanitarian organizations, such as the infamous White Helmets, fabricate scenarios in Syria of alleged chemical attacks by Syrian troops.

In this way, such organizations, in reality terrorist groups, justify Western aggressions against this Arab nation, such as the one that occurred on April 14, when Western countries launched more than 100 missiles on Syrian territory.

On that occasion, the United States, France and the United Kingdom claimed that the military action was carried out against Syrian targets in retaliation for the alleged use of toxic substances in the city of Duma, east of Damascus, which was denied with evidence by the governments of Russia and Syria.


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