Steve Bannon takes on George Soros and the radical left in Europe (Video)

President Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon has announced plans to start a conservative-right foundation in Europe.

Bannon wants to create a new foundation, promoting the conservative values and ideology, that will rival the impact of radical left Open Society Foundations, set up by George Soros.

Bannon’s idea take on Soros in Europe with his very own  NGO to support Europe’s conservative-right parties has caused quite shock and fear among liberals left politicians.

Corrupt EU technocrats and autocrats are accusing the former Trump advisor of planning an “attack on democracy” and trying to undermine “European values.”

The reality behind all of this radical left outrage is the tacit admission that competition to Soros’ liberal left money train may leave many in Brussels without a job and without a globalist, sociopath patron.

Bannon’s new non-profit organization will be called ‘The Movement’ and is set to establish itself in Brussels. The foundation aims to bring together center, and center-right parties from across Europe, providing them with the support of think tanks, the organization of polls and valuable insights on data-targeting.

The Movement would challenge the influence of the George Soros’ liberal left Open Society Foundation. The NGO, established in 1984, has spent some $32 billion to support “liberal” causes.

Steven Bannon is taking on George Soros in his own Brussels back yard…will he succeed? Bannon sure has many EU officials scared at such a prospect occurring.

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Via RT

The Movement is yet to be established, but the very idea of it has seemingly shaken the Eurocrats and pro-EU politicians, who rushed to fight Bannon in advance, labelling the envisioned NGO a “far-right” tool to shatter the union.

Member of the European Parliament from Germany and center-left politician Udo Bullmann branded Bannon’s idea “an attack on freedom and democracy in Europe,” vowing a “response’ to his initiative. Renata Alt from Germany’s Free Democrats Party, for her part, described the plan to establish The Movement as a “frontal attack on the EU and European values.”

Belgian liberal politician, leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) and MEP Guy Verhofstadt called to “ban Bannon” from Europe altogether, to prevent him from preaching “hate.”

“Steve Bannon’s far-right vision & attempt to import Trump’s hateful politics to our continent will be rejected by decent Europeans. We know what the nightmare of nationalism did to our countries in the past,” Verhofstadt tweeted.

According to RT, the funding of The Movement raises questions for radical left politicians in Europe.

Greek journalist and Syriza MEP Stelious Kouloglou told RT, in an on-air interview, that it was unclear whose interests this “obscure movement” would actually represent. Kouloglou, however, failed to explain what exactly makes Bannon’s proposed NGO any different from Soros’ foundation, which has been operating in Europe for decades. The MEP also described the right-wing European parties as mere “demagogues.”

“It’s very easy to be a demagogue, to find scapegoats. Whether this scapegoat is Mr. Soros or the scapegoat is the refugees,” Kouloglou stated.

Rich European countries, he added, should man-up and take their “historical responsibility” instead of resorting to populism.

“If you see so many people coming from different places you have to ask why. And the people, they are coming from, for instance, the Middle East, the people are political refugees,” Kouloglou said. “We, the United States, Great Britain and other people, bombarded … destroyed their countries and now they are denying any historical and political responsibilities. This is the same cause for the poor people, not refugees, but immigrants, to come from Africa. Who devastated Africa for decades and centuries? The rich European countries, they have to take their historical responsibility for that.”

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