Almost all socialist candidates Ocasio-Cortez endorsed lost

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed several candidates in the primary elections, but three out of five of those competing in the Tuesday races lost.

Ocasio-Cortez went on a tour around the U.S. endorsing candidates Abdul El-Sayed for governor of Michigan, Fayrouz Saad for Michigan’s 11th congressional district, Cori Bush for Missouri’s 1st congressional district and James Thompson for Kansas’ 4th congressional district.

Ocasio-Cortez also appeared at a “My Muslim Vote” rally in Michigan in July, where she urged voters to send Rashida Tlaib to Congress. Tlaib won her primary on Tuesday evening.

Thompson was the other candidate to win his primary

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


We’ve got about ONE WEEK LEFT until a whole slew of elections come up across the country.

From @KanielaIng & @SaadforCongress to @AbdulElSayed & @CoriBush, it’s time to leave it all on the field.

Check your state primary date & VOTE August 7th + 11th.

Despite her congressional primary victory in New York in June and weeks of national attention discussing her socialist platform, the three candidates Ocasio-Cortez would have liked win, did not.

John McCain sabotage his party

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