Rudy Giuliani declares that Russiagate probe will blow up in Mueller’s own face (VIDEO)

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani wasn’t mincing words as he directly called the Mueller special investigation a massive hoax:

“What do [sic] we need to know, that this is a totally illegitimate investigation, based on a report, a ‘dossier’, that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats; probably the biggest illegality so far, the biggest collusion so far… completely made up… led to nothing except several fraudulent FISA wires, and now we have Mueller, who doesn’t seem to care that he is sitting on top of a totally illegitimate investigation.”

This segment is interesting theatre, especially considering that Mr. Giuliani is acting as President Trump’s attorney on the Russiagate matter, and that he is going public about anything at all having to do with the investigation and its case, in full knowledge that anything he says publicly will be noted. Nevertheless, “America’s Mayor” made several very strong assertions:

  • Mueller doesn’t need to ask a single question on obstruction; he has all the answers already and those answers are not going to change in a direct interview with President Trump.
  • Mueller is trying to trap the President into perjury.
  • The reason Mueller is trying to trap the President is simply because he does not have a case.
  • According to Mr. Giuliani, the case will not fizzle; it is going to blow up on them
  • This is because there is a lot more that they (meaning the Democrats) did, that no one knows yet.
  • It will wind up with Mr. Mueller himself having a lot to answer for.

These and other points are included in Mr. Giuliani’s responses in his discussion with Sean Hannity.

The question that would logically arise with such a set of claims is “why would this investigation even be happening in the first place, if it is only guaranteed to lose?”

And this question is what gives lie to the massive conspiracy of the Deep State and various powerful figures such as Bill Browder, the neo-con establishment, and secular humanist liberals, all banded together to stop President Trump at any cost from changing America’s headlong plunge into the darkness of the soft tyranny of modern-day liberalism. Russia stands as the one great power in the world that declares with great strength that this group of people is wrong, and therefore, Russia, and anyone who wishes to grant her legitimacy – must be stopped.

A speculative question that next arises is this:

What happens when President Trump gets vindicated?

There is a massive power play in motion here, and the stakes are much higher than anyone cares to admit.

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