Twitter Goes Against Its Own Rules By Verifying Peter Strzok Twitter Account To Raise Almost Half A Million Dollars

If you don’t know that social media is slanted by now, you should see how Twitter helped Peter Strzok. He now started a twitter page that has garnered over 50,0000 followers and is growing.

The disgraced FBI agent was recently fired from his job at the top law enforcement agency recently and started a GoFundMe page to raise some cash.

The page has almost reached a half a million dollars in one day and will more than likely reach it’s goal of $500,000 shortly.

Twitter suspended it’s verification process back in February, but made an exception for Peter Strzok apparently.

The process helps in verifying people of prominence get a blue sticker (seal) next to their name so people can easily identify a twitter authenticated account. The seal is a great asset to the people who have it because the blue seal bumps those who have it to the top and people can click on the seal to see who responded to other high profile tweets.

This seal may have helped ex-FBI agent Strzok in achieving his money raising goals. Twitter was a good reason the fired FBI agent now has a half a million in his pocket.






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