London Protestors Mock Mayor Sadiq Khan in “Yellow Bikini” Balloon

Protesters seeking to vocalize their intense displeasure with London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Saturday launched  an enormous balloon depicting him wearing a yellow bikini over the city’s Parliament Square.

A small group of supporters watched the inflatable take to the skies, and the crowd cheered and shouted, “higher, higher, higher” as the balloon was launched, according to published reports.

The protesters believe that Khan has failed in his responsibility to take serious measures to stop street crime in London. In a take off on President Trump’s motto of “Make America Great Again”, the protesters across the pond wore t-shirts reading “Make London Safe Again.”

The giant balloon depicted Khan lying on his side while exposing his chest and stomach hair. The blimp was flown over the same spot that anti-Trump protesters launched their balloon of the now infamous “Trump baby” during the president’s recent trip to England where he met with Prime Minister Theresa May and the Queen of England, among other dignitaries. He trip was marred by large protests as well,

According to reports in the London press, the campaign to protest Khan was organized by London citizen Yanny Bruere, 28, in response to Khan approving permission for the Trump baby blimp.

Bruere has told the London press that he’s been angered by Khan’s focus on scoring political points instead of solving the soaring London crime rates that have increased since the mayor was elected in 2016.

He told the Daily Star Online: “I started it because I was irritated that Khan was willing to mock a great ally like the US President- particularly at such an important time as Brexit.

“We thought it would be ironic and humorous if the situation was reversed and Khan had to submit himself to the same mockery in the name of free speech.

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